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Slic3r 0.9.10b is Out!

Slic3r, my favorite slicing program, has released a new experimental version.

Visit and grab Slic3r Version 0.9.10b

I am particularly interested in the new "wipe" function.  I use "bowden extruders" so it is potentially helpful for me.

This version consumes much less memory than the previous ones, and includes a new wipe feature as well as a spiral vase mode. And many other things, of course. Stay tuned for next updates too!

I have done some experimenting with this new version.  I am seeing some really intelligent behavior with this slic3r.  Using the wipe feature, combined with using the feature that minimizes the number of times perimeters are crossed seems to be producing good results.

Go check it out :)



Automatic Bed Leveling On The Horizon

Johan, the infamous creator of the Rostock Delta Bot 3D printer, is making great strides on his next 3D printer design, the Kossel.

 On May 28th, he released a video of the Kossel determining the levelness of its print surface with a retractable probe:

Check out Johan's Blog.  Download the 3D files for, and contribute to the Kossel Project on Github.

-Happy Printing :)



Slic3r 9.9 is Out!

My favorite slicing program has released its latest incarnation! 

Bounce on over to and grab Slic3r Version 0.9.9

Slic3r is finally offering a raft function.

Many new features, including a new simple mode, raft and the ability to use multiple layer heights in the same print, and optimizations for printers with Bowden extruders. And, of course, LOTS more.



Rostock Built With FabberForge Parts

Take a look at this bad boy that a client made with custom ordered parts!

The red and orange parts were printed by me :)



Incoherent Open Source Hardware Releases

The Infuriating Haphazard Release of OPEN SOURCE PROJECT X 

- Based On Actual Events 

An announcement is made by Project X's creators, "OPEN SOURCE Project X has been released, download the design files or buy a kit today!" 

You, the industrious Maker lunge at the chance to... well... MAKE! 

A quick read of preliminary documentation reveals that OPEN SOURCE Project X is made from Printed-Parts, Laser Cut Parts, Custom Machined Parts, and Vitamins. 

Well well! You are in luck! You have a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a lack of reasonable fear of fire! 

You will have this thing built in no time! smileys with beer 

Let's see here... 

Printed Parts: 
-Some but not all of the printed parts (STLs) can be found on Thingiverse. confused smiley 
-The missing printed parts can be found on Project X's github 
-Project X's Github does not host the same STLs that Thingiverse does... Uh... moving on... 

LaserCut Parts
-The Laser Cut Parts (DXF files) are not on Thingiverse 
-GitHub is hosting the LaserCut parts... for the previous generation of Project X... eye rolling smiley 
-Uh... these will work with this generation?... These don't look like the pictures... 

Custom Machined Parts: 
-It is apparent that there are a few important custom machined parts being employed in OPEN SOURCE Project X 
-No Schematic Drawings. sad smiley 
-No definitive descriptions on how one would make them, their shape or what they are made of. confused smiley 
-These bits don't look too complicated, but they are not for sale anywhere... angry smiley 

-What's a B.O.M.? hot smiley 

Build Instructions 
-These are the instructions for the previous generation of Open Source Project X... which were never finished/great to begin with... 


Here is the Million Dollar Question, Intrepid Reader: IS OPEN SOURCE PROJECT X ACTUALLY OPEN SOURCE? 

My Answer: HELL NO! 

Hop On Over To The RepRap Forum and Voice Your Opinion:
1. Honestly, if you can't find all the design files for a piece of hardware in one place is that design actually open-source? 
2. If there is no B.O.M, is that design actually open-source? 
3. If the design uses custom part x, which is available nowhere, and there is no schematic (details) for part x... is that design actually open-source?

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