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Designer Spotlight: Dizingof

We here at FabberForge are excited to announce a new feature: Designer Spotlight

Our first designer spotlight goes to Dizingof.

Dizingof, also known as Asher Nahmias, is from Israel.  In 2009 he stumbled upon, a Dutch 3D printing service.  Inspired by what he saw, he began tinkering with 3D design & 3D printing.

He started out designing cool accessories for Apple iDevices and had some great success selling them.  Elaborate dice designs became his next passion, designing over 300 of them.

Dizingof now creates some very exciting and intricate "Math Art" models.  3D printing has allowed wild mathematical concepts to take physical form.

Dizingof has been gracious enough to pledge one of his Math Models to FabberForge as our first shared design!


Where did Dizingof draw his inspiration for these artistic/nerdy beatuties?  Dizingof told us in an email, "I have to say i was greatly inspired for my Math Art designs by the unique work of Bathsheba Grossman - an artist i admire."


Dezingof's Math Art at Shapeways:



Dizingof's Dice collection at Ponoko:

Companion Dice!

A Photo Gallery of Dizingof's Designs:

Dizingof's iDevices concept videos:

Just like this author, Dizingof purchased a RepRap Huxely Pro 3D printer for Christmas - "i look forward to printing my designs with the highest possible resolution that this awesome printer can produce." -Dizingof

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    Designer Spotlight: Dizingof - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!
  • Response
    Designer Spotlight: Dizingof - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!
  • Response
    Designer Spotlight: Dizingof - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!
  • Response
    Designer Spotlight: Dizingof - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!
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    Response: fence contractors
    Designer Spotlight: Dizingof - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!

Reader Comments (13)

Unfortunately Shapeways has gone to the dark side - ripping off their designers sales!

Although confronted again and again they kept on doing it and call it "oh our buggy website"...

They ripped me off of over $1200 on 3 pay periods at the end of 2010 and called it "a bug in our system"..
Then throughout 2011 kept on NOT logging my sales until i decided enough is enough!

I showed the community a smoking gun (yet again) of how they hide sales from shop owners and calling it "ohh it's another bug.."

Its all here:
forum post 1

Forum post 2

Not a single designer saw fit to ask why the "sales reporting system" was turned OFFLINE and stopped reporting sales to shop owners.. from Black Friday till Cyber Monday..
Not a single designer thought that was "odd"... !

I therefor moved my designs to Dizingof on

There you can purchase/download my STL files and 3D Print as many copies as you like !


March 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof


Thats rough stuff. I will be sure to check out the Ponoko site :)

April 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterAdam Herring

I've also published lots of FREE designs on :


April 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Yesterday i received an email from non other the Shapeways CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen
apologizing deeply why his company ripped me off my sales for the past 2 years - blaming it AGAIN on a new bug they found in their system ... (no surprise there..)

I already deleted my shop at Shapeways 5 months ago, yet he thinks his apology and a $50 compensation (wow) on ripping me off for thousands of dollars of sales should get me back to re-open my shop...

This is the email received at : May 16th 3:08 GMT+2


Hi Asher,

Hope you are doing well. Given your interest in improving the transparency of
our payments to Shapeways shop owners, I wanted to share some exciting news: we
just launched a major improvement to the Shop Payments page. Thank you for your
feedback throughout the process.

Shop owners now have a full history of how much they've made with their
Shapeways shop, what payments are currently pending, and what sales they've
made in the current transaction period.

In the process, though, we unearthed a handful of discrepancies with regard to
payments. I'm very sorry to share that your former shop was one of these
outliers. Without going into too many of the technical details, due to the way
we were batching mark-ups for payment, it created a loophole in our accounting
that we only fully uncovered this past week. We've made sure you were repaid
immediately, and so you should see a payment from Shapeways in your PayPal
account reflecting this discrepancy. On top of that, we have added a $50.00
extra as a signal of our apology.

The mistake is totally unacceptable by our standards and we are incredibly sorry
for the inconvenience. With this latest update, we've put in several stopgap
measures to makes sure this doesn't happen again. We are also revamping our
processes to improve this at a system-wide level.

Again, our sincere apologies for this error. As always, if you have any
questions or concerns or feel this still does not reflect your total payments,
please feel free to email me or our new community manager, Natalia. We will be
happy to respond.

Best of luck in your endeavors.

Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO Shapeways
(m) +1 914 356 5816, (w), Skype: peteoffice


Up till this minute i haven't seen any new PayPal payment from shapeways for my "lost" sales over the past 2 years...

Designers beware whom you trust your designs.

May 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Here is an interesting email conversation i just had with Bart Veldhuizen a partner at Shapeways which runs

He just posted an article how amazing is Shapeways (lying to his readers he is not affiliated with them..) and how designers can open up a shop there and make money...

I posted this as a comment:

Bart ... you should tell every one how Shapeways has been ripping off its designers sales and payments since 2010..

"You can fool some of the people some of time but not ALL the people all the time"

Shapeways has been caught too many times shaving off designers sales and payments -
when confronted they reply with the usual "ohhh our buggy website"...

Read all about it and the recent CEO's email explaining of a surprisingly NEW bug found just 2 weeks ago.. which was responsible for yet another payment discrepancy..

He replied by email:

Hi Asher,

No. Not here on my site.

I know you're bad-mouthing Shapeways everywhere, but you should also include the truth: we've gone out of our way to help you out each and every time, including the time where you accused us of stealing from you and we actually found we OVERpaid you and let you keep the difference.

Your comment has been deleted.


I emailed him back:

Overpaid me? is that a new lie ? You haven't even payed me my last February sales scumbag

When Shapeways is caught shaving off $1200 over 3 pay periods from my due payment that's not an innocence mistake.. that's stealing .. and if you're capable of doing that then all the new found "unlogged sales" i posted are more unethical conduct

Btw.. your CEO emailed me he found a new bug just 2 weeks ago.. i wonder which designer caught that "new" payment discrepancy ..

Expect to read the truth about Shapeways and its unethical business conduct on every corner of the web.

Designers are not dumb as you may think them to be.

His reply:
I won't accept you calling me a scumbag. This conversation is over - if you have issues with Shapeways, please contact customer support at


June 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Read my comment on Shapeways Co-founder's blog who recently "left" Shapeways ...

He did not reply nor deleted my comment..

Shapeways CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen, corrupt unethical conduct shaving off sales of his community of designers / Shop Owners !

July 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Shapeways, please leave people who want to keep their designs for the highest bidders alone. Go to and legitimately download better models that you can freely tweak and distribute instead.

August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVik

That's just about the limit, wihout their designers, shapeways are nothing...

August 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCurrent Play

Unfortunately the majority of these designers are broke students.. You can read on the links i provided above how Duann Scott and the "Community manager" exchange a chatter on the Forum that project FEAR to those designers who did speak out about their missing payments.

Shapeways use deceitful, corrupt, unethical methods to: Hide sales of their designers, Steal due (on record) PayPal payments and worse, use FEAR TACTICS to make anyone who dare to speak publicly about it know their account will "enjoy" the same of what they call "bugs in our system"..

Just by reading the CEO email (above) you can see how he plays with words to "explain" in the most polite and kindest words how he stole money from his community..

Shapeways has burned a lot of investors money to keep alive since 2009 - but STEALING from their community of designers who work hard to promote their own designs, drive traffic and customers to their shops at Shapeways just to see how they don't get to enjoy each and every sale they've made is WRONG !

Designers stay away from this corrupt Dutch Start-up company!
Use: , , ,

Btw... I haven't received any PayPal payment from Shapeways since the CEO emailed me months ago (see above) - stating i will be paid all "discrepancies" plus a whopping $50 compensation..

That tells you how DECEITFUL this person his.


August 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Shapeways just sent me $522 to my PayPal this morning - 9 months AFTER i closed my shop..

Kids, here's a lesson for you: NEVER fear corrupt corporations! Always fight scumbags!

September 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

it seem nevertheless a litte less

September 17, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercurrent play

Its an arbitrary number..

We can never know the real amount of sales they shaved off from my account or from ALL designers accounts since 2010 - only a court injunction can.

September 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDizingof

Wow, what an epic thread. If I was the CEO of shapeways I would have called Ashley. One question for Asher, what could the CEO have done to fully resolve this issue? Could it still be done? Shapeways stands to lose a lot from this bad press and I'm just curious if both parties have it in them to resolve this issue. Perhaps a face to face meeting? Good luck...

October 9, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterfreeswitch

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