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Incoherent Open Source Hardware Releases

The Infuriating Haphazard Release of OPEN SOURCE PROJECT X 

- Based On Actual Events 

An announcement is made by Project X's creators, "OPEN SOURCE Project X has been released, download the design files or buy a kit today!" 

You, the industrious Maker lunge at the chance to... well... MAKE! 

A quick read of preliminary documentation reveals that OPEN SOURCE Project X is made from Printed-Parts, Laser Cut Parts, Custom Machined Parts, and Vitamins. 

Well well! You are in luck! You have a 3D printer, a laser cutter, and a lack of reasonable fear of fire! 

You will have this thing built in no time! smileys with beer 

Let's see here... 

Printed Parts: 
-Some but not all of the printed parts (STLs) can be found on Thingiverse. confused smiley 
-The missing printed parts can be found on Project X's github 
-Project X's Github does not host the same STLs that Thingiverse does... Uh... moving on... 

LaserCut Parts
-The Laser Cut Parts (DXF files) are not on Thingiverse 
-GitHub is hosting the LaserCut parts... for the previous generation of Project X... eye rolling smiley 
-Uh... these will work with this generation?... These don't look like the pictures... 

Custom Machined Parts: 
-It is apparent that there are a few important custom machined parts being employed in OPEN SOURCE Project X 
-No Schematic Drawings. sad smiley 
-No definitive descriptions on how one would make them, their shape or what they are made of. confused smiley 
-These bits don't look too complicated, but they are not for sale anywhere... angry smiley 

-What's a B.O.M.? hot smiley 

Build Instructions 
-These are the instructions for the previous generation of Open Source Project X... which were never finished/great to begin with... 


Here is the Million Dollar Question, Intrepid Reader: IS OPEN SOURCE PROJECT X ACTUALLY OPEN SOURCE? 

My Answer: HELL NO! 

Hop On Over To The RepRap Forum and Voice Your Opinion:
1. Honestly, if you can't find all the design files for a piece of hardware in one place is that design actually open-source? 
2. If there is no B.O.M, is that design actually open-source? 
3. If the design uses custom part x, which is available nowhere, and there is no schematic (details) for part x... is that design actually open-source?

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    Incoherent Open Source Hardware Releases - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!
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    Incoherent Open Source Hardware Releases - FABNEWS - Fabulous Fabbrication Phenomena! - 3D Printer News, Reviews, Guides and Hype!

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