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Video Of a Working FabberForge Rostock

Video Of FabberForge Rostock

Nicolas was kind enough to make a youtube video of his Rostock made from FabberForge printed parts.

Embedding was disabled on the video, so you have to click the link to see the video :) 


Repetier 0.83 is out!

Repetier 0.83 is available now. 

This version comes with Slic3r 0.9.8 integrated into the program. 

If Pronterface is the only Host program you have tried, you should check out Repetier. It is a more resource intensive program, but it gives you a 3D view of your G-Code as your print (it is pretty cool winking smiley )

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Slic3r 0.9.8 Is Out!

Slic3r GUI

Exciting news in the DIY 3D printing world: Slic3r Beta 0.9.8 has been released... and it doesn't suck! winking smiley

Slic3r is an open source slicing program (duh... ;) ) that takes a 3D model (an STL) and converts it into a tool path for your 3D printer.

Slic3r is much more user friendly than some of the other slicing programs on the block.  Slic3r is also very quick to generate G-Code.  Slic3r can generate g-code in seconds, unlike other slicing programs which can take minutes (or hours) to generate a tool path.

So far after testing v0.9.8 on a few prints, I am VERY VERY pleased with the results.  The last 5+ releases of Slic3r were burdened by fatal flaws; program crashes, not lifting the z-axis to the correct heights, pimples and rashes on your prints (the Slic3r STD).  I actually have not adopted a new Slic3r version since 0.9.1 because of these problems.

This Slic3r release appears to be, fast, stable and intelligent.  In my book, all of Slic3r's dirty sins are forgiven winking smiley I am adopting version 0.9.8 as my new primary slicing program smiling smiley 

Slic3r GodFather, Alexrj (aka Sound), recomends you upgrade to version 0.9.8 too: 

"This juicy new release contains many bugfixes and improvements. Work focused on stability and print surface smoothness, removing gaps, spikes etc. You're advised to upgrade to this version... or provide a good reason for not doing that. ;-)" 

In truth a lot of the features I am gushing over (intelligent narrow path infill etc.) were added in versions 0.9.7 or earlier... the trick is that the nasty flaws in those versions stopped me from using those versions. 

I Can't recommend enough that you run over to and add Slic3r 0.9.8 to your 3D Printing arsenal.

Also Be Sure To use this calibration guide (a nice hidden gem) to get the best prints from Slic3r:



Quality Triumphs Over Quantity @

I have been selling custom printed part orders for a few months now, and that concept has been WAY more successful than I thought it would be.

In fact the sheer volume of orders I have been getting breaks the boundaries of "Hobby Territory" and verges on full blown business.  Funny enough, that is not what I want at all!  I already have a job!

If I have 20-30 custom orders pending at any given moment, I have far less time to make sure my work is immaculate.  It also severely limits the time and energy I can put into my own projects.

I would rather sell 10 amazing kits (that folks are damned lucky to get their hands on) in the course of one year, than 100 low quality boxes of plastic.

If you are familiar with the site MDPC-X, you know they sell amazing quality PC building materials (as a hobby) and only open their store once a week!  Folks that get their hands on those wares are excited and boast about being able to buy them.

ex. I have a pair of custom MDPC terminal crimpers!  (Ture Story) ;)

That is the feeling I wish to impart on the items I sell.  This is my Hobby after all, and I want to be damned proud of it.

My Solution:


Coming Soon: eMaker Shop

I am going to shift gears from making plastic parts to order, and start producing Ultra-High quality "Starter Kits".

These bare bones kits will include the primary printed parts and vitamins (metal parts) for 3D printers.  These kits will be geared towards really setting up the builder for success, and will include documentation on what electronics, motors and hot-end etc. are needed to finish the build.

Too many times, I have found that folks don't really know what printed parts they need, which is a serious downfall of taking custom orders.  Taking the avenue of building slightly more complete kits helps me save the RepRap fledglings from disaster.

I will still offer custom printing as a service.  Sometimes folks have needed their own designs printed, and I am more than proud to help my hobby brothers with those sorts of endeavors.  I probably just won't be accpting plain-jane-vanilla custom orders that I otherwise make pre-made kits for.

Submit an order or request for a price quote for custom printed parts!

Expect ridiculously awesome items to start appearing on my eMaker shop sometime after I clear out my remaining custom orders!

Thanks for your support and happy new year!



Josef Prusa's Next Gen Hot-End (Print Nylon, Peek & PC) 

If you have not already, check out the announcement for Josef Prusa's next generation hot-end. It looks to be a nice all-metal construction hot-end. It uses a heater cartridge instead of a heater resistor. It boasts to be a good solution (extra hot) for printing in Nylon, Peek and poly-carbonate. 
Link To Announcement Page 

You can catch glimpses of this bad boy in some of Josef's newer YouTube videos, and he made a few tweets about it as well. 

It is exciting to, see new hot-end designs emerging. This one looks nice smiling smiley 

I started a RepRap forum post an the nozzle.  It is getting a lot of attention.  Folks are debating the meaning of the word efficiency if you are into that kind of thing ;)

I wll be sure to pick one up as soon as I can and write a little review.

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