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MakiBox - A Complete 3D Printer for $200

The MakiBox A6

MakiBox Home Page 

A friend just pointed out to me that the 3D Printer upstart "MakiBox" which was crowd funded earlier this year, opened its online store on Christmas Day. 

They have their mini-flagship complete printer set for sale at $200... WHAT!? eye popping smiley 

The printer is tiny but still manages a build area of 110mm x 150mm x 90mm (X,Y,Z). The $200 version does not have a heated bed; there is a $300 that does.

There are videos of the prototype makibox printing; notice that it does not use belts (goodbye backlash?) 

At this very low price, it seems hard to be the loser in this deal. It would seem that even if you just used the printer for parts, you would end up with 4 stepper motors, a printr-board, and a Bowden Extruder... 

Buying one now smiling smiley 

I will report back to let you know if I was robbed or got an awesome deal winking smiley 


$50 For Any RepRap Part Set!

I would like to announce that I will be printing and selling any set of RepRap printed parts for $50.  Shipping is $10 shipping inside the USA, $15 for shipping internationally.

Prusa, Rostock, and Ecksbot Parts

I get a lot of emails from folks asking for price quotes for RepRap printed parts, and they are almost always pretty happy to hear those prices.  I figured I would announce those prices here to help encourage sales. 

I have sold over 20 sets of RepRap parts now, and everyone seems really happy with the part quality.

Selling parts is keeping this semi-expensive hobby alive for me.  I am also saving to buy a FullSpectrum Laser Cutter to further my "Maker Career."  With your help, I will make that goal!


My Design Featured On Thingiverse!

I dove head first into TinkerCAD this weekend.  I had been meaning to play with it for a while now.

TinkerCAD is a 3D drawing program that runs in your web-browser.

I used TinkerCAD to design a "Butterfly-Comb."  All the flash and guile of a butterfly knife, but your fingers get to stay attached to your hands!

Even more exciting, the butterfly-comb was FEATURED on thingiverse the day after I posted it! :)

Butterfly Comb with Experimental Blade 2

Stick it to the man (figuratively only please!) with this open source, fun and completely functional butterfly-comb!

Based off of Techno264's excellent design, this blade has wider, curved teeth which print easily and won't break off. Also, the comb now has a blood groove, and an angled tanto point for an aggressive look :)

The butterfly-comb is completely harmless, fun to play with, and a you can really comb your hair with it!

It prints in minutes, so you can use it to impress friends when giving a demo of your 3D printer :)

Open Source Hardware Gear in the hilt :)The comb closed

The comb and original "blade"Another Thingiverse user made my comb within 20 minutes of my posting!







Download and print a butterfly Comb today :) 


Printing "Portabee"

A few weeks back, I recieved a request from a man in Indonesia for a set of "Portabee" parts.

The Portabee by Romscraj

The Portabee is a foldable, portable 3D printer designed by Romscraj

I had never printed the parts for this printer before, but I was up to the challenge :)

The set printed very nicely; I might have to build myself a Portabee too :)

A Full Set of Printed Portabee Parts

My Huxley Printing PortabeePortabee Extruder Block Hot Off the Press ;)Gears Meshing NicelySmooth to the TouchVisit the Portabee GitHub Page for the design files.

Don't miss the full color build guide pdf posted there!

Visit Romscaj's site to Order a Full Portabee Kit for $486


E3D All Metal Hot-End

Looking for a high quality Hot-end for your RepRap adventure?

Check out the E3D all metal Hot-End.

The fine folks at E3D-Online sent me one of their hot-ends for a hands-on review, and she is a beauty :)

The design is clean and effiecient.  The "All-Metal" build means that you don't have to worry about PEEK or PTFE parts failing on you over time.

It reminds me a bit of RepRap Pro's Hot-End design, but with a much a much beefier heatsink block, and it is not restricted to a bowden (cable fed) setup.

Any direct-extruder (Wade's etc.) with a 16mm circle opening should accept the E3D hot-end.  Here is the E3D Hot-End plugged into my ecksbot "eckstruder."  Two m3 bolts would be used to secure it in place.

While she would work like a charm on my ecksbot, I plan to rig her up in a bowden-setup on the Rostock Mini I am building for myself :)

I will be sure to post some pictures and videos of this nice E3D extruder shortly.

Thanks so much to E3D for sending me a prtotype of their fantastic hot end!

Check out E3d-Online's Ready to Ship, Complete Mendel90 which is for sale now!