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Installing U-Joints In a Rostock

Youtube User Gdykes shares his take on installing the U-Joints on a Rostock platform.

Maybe this will inspire/assist some of the folks who have purchased Rostock parts from me ;)


New Workshop Setup

It has taken way too long, but my new California Garage-Workshop is finally setup :)

A Full-Spectrum Laser Cutter will be sitting where the Arcade Machine is shortly :)


Ben Heck's Briefcase 3D Printer

The brilliant Ben Heck, Design Engineer Extraordinaire, built a portable 3D printer in a briefcase.  Watch the episode: Ben Heck's Briefcase Printer  

Chances are, you are a fan of the Ben Heck show even if you don't know it yet winking smiley

Watch the Ben Heck Show!


Prusa i3 Designs Available Online Now

Download Plans For Prusa i3 On GitHub 
Looks like plans for the Prusa i3 are available now. 
Strangely, I can't find any info on the Prusa i3 in the RepRap Wiki yet... 

I am excited to see if this design catches on in the hobby world ;)


Building An Ecksbots

Check out this nice looking Mendel/Prusa/Sells derivative: 

Ecksbot on Thingiverse 

Ecks Bot B.O.M and Build Guide 


She looks nice and polished. A very familiar look to her. The parts are curvaceous and sleek. It's neat to see the parts embossed with the site name too. 

This looks like a clean, simple build and even has full-color instructions... Wow. 

She has been out for about 3 months now; I saw her before, but she slipped my mind...

I decided that I must build one ;)

I am attempting to make a few design changes:

*Metal GT2 Pulleys and GT2 Belts

*ACME M8 Spindles (instead of threaded rods)

*Aluminum Z-Couplers (vice printed couplers)

*QU-BD DualStruder (if it ever arrives in the mail ;) )

EcksBot Build in Progress So Far: 



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