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RepRapPro IndieGoGo Success

Big congragratualtions go out today to RepRapPro, who successfuly met their IndieGoGo campaign goal of $60,750 today.

87 happy supporters (including this author) will recieve a RepRapPro Huxley for Christmas.  We will be sure to post an indepth review of the machine when it arrives.

As of this post 31 hours remain on their campaign if you would like to buy a Huxley 3D printer for delivery in February.

Are you crowdfunding your DIY Fab project?  Let us know so we can tell the world!



PrintrBot Kickstarter Campaign Primed To Exceed Goal By 1000%

Printrbot, a Lincoln, California startup company, hopes to take 3D printing to the mainstream market.

Web-Designer turned evil-genius, Brook Drumm, plans to make this happen with his surprisingly cute little printer robots.

Like eMaker and other DIY startups before them, Printrbot has turned to crowdfunding to get their company off the ground.  Anyone who pledges $499 to Printrbot on kickstarter will recieve one of the charming printers sometime early 2012.  Printrbot is experiencing a seemingly unparalleled success; currently exceeding their original $25,000 goal by more than $200,000. 

Just what kind of print quality can these little dynamos muster?  That's really yet to be foreseen.  If some of the early images posted on PrintrBot's Site are any indication, the Printrbot has great promise!

We have added the Printrbot to our Crowd Funded DIY Fabrication wall and wish them success!  We will be watching this inspired new company eagerly.  Hopefully by the time Printrbot's backers start to receive their printers, we here at FabberForge will have our community support apps in place.  We look forward to welcoming these new DIY pioneers!

Having already achieved over 900% of their origional goal and with 19 days remaining on the campaign, it is hard to guess what dollar amount Printrbot will draw.  We here at FabberForge believe they potential to break half a million dollars.

One thing is sure.  Consumers are going to love 3D printers!


Get a 3D Printer For X-Mas!

RepRapPro released this video on their IndieGoGo Campaign.   

Only 4 days left to contribute if you want a RepRap for Christmas!

RepRapPro is a collaborative effort between the original inventor of the 3D printer, Adrian Bowyer, and respected RepRap manufacturer eMaker.

"We have launched our new campaign to sell RepRapPro Huxley kits.  A limited number are available guaranteed for delivery by Christmas.  Follow this link to find out more..." -RepRapPro Blog


Press Release By RepRapPro

Big news from the inventor of the RepRap 3D Printer and eMaker 3D printer company.  A merger and subsequent Indie GoGo campaign!

Here is the post from the new RepRapPro site:

"Two of the biggest names in low-cost open-source 3D printing are getting together:  eMaker Ltd and RepRap Ltd.

Jean-Marc Giacalone's company eMaker  has already supplied over 300 RepRap self-replicating open-source 3D printers to the world.   RepRap Ltd is Adrian Bowyer's family company.  Adrian invented RepRap, and he is the person who started the global revolution in low-cost open-source 3D printing.

These two men, and their two companies, have pooled their resources to form a new joint enterprise: RepRapPro Ltd.  The new company will be mass-marketing RepRap 3D printers, running a 3D print bureau using them, and organizing training and education in all things RepRap.

Sally Bowyer is the third member of the team.  Under Sally’s supervision as Production Manager, RepRap Ltd has printed over 250 sets of RepRap parts for sale to the community.

She said, “The two companies have been collaborating informally for some time.  We have now decided to form a new bigger joint company so that we can expand more quickly.  Open-source has been a solid business proposition in the software industry for years.  The growth of RepRap shows that it works brilliantly for hardware too.  RepRapPro and both its parent companies are dedicated to the idea of freely shared technical information that RepRap embodies.” 

In addition to being a director of RepRapPro, Adrian Bowyer is also a senior lecturer at Bath University in the UK.  He said, “I started RepRap six years ago as pure academic research, just to see if the idea of a public free self-replicating manufacturing machine might work.  It has succeeded far beyond any bounds that would have seemed reasonable at its inception, and so I now spend my whole research time on this one project.  Indeed, I shall retire from the university next summer so that I can devote all my energies to RepRap worldwide and to RepRapPro Ltd.”

The new company is running a RepRap 3D-printer campaign for Christmas on  Jean-Marc Giacalone said, “We ran a similar campaign this summer to sell $30,000 worth of RepRaps.  We ended up selling $159,000 worth of them.   RepRap has a habit of growing exponentially...”

***ends*** "


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