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What's FabberForge?

FabberForge is a fun place to learn about 3D printing.  We make goofy instructional 3D printer videos, we blog about 3D Printer News, and we sell 3D printed parts to get you started on your own 3D printer! 

Not For Profit* Sale Of 3D Printer Parts:

We really enjoy 3D printing, and hope that more people get involved in the RepRap Open Source Project.  Ideally, when building a 3D Printer (RepRap) for the first time, you would get the plastic printed parts from a friend.  Unfortunately, there just aren't that many 3D Printers "in the wild" yet.  So to help the project grow, we have decided that we want to be your "friend with a 3D printer."  *Our aim is to sell 3D printer plastic parts kits at the cost of materials, shipping and general maintenance of our own machines.  This way, we can keep ourselves printing and have more friends to print with too!  Learn more on our "Buy 3D Printed Parts" page.

Who is FabberForge?

FabberForge is Adam Herring.  A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, from the great class of 2008.  He graduated with a B.S. in Systems Engineering, having studied robotics, and control systems. 

For fun he builds remote control jets, custom arcade machines, DIY fabrication machines, and other fun contraptions.  Some people would consider him to be a "maker."


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